My Travel Guides are changing and here’s why

I admit, I am SUER behind on my travel guides. Its may be a poor excuse to say there’s not enough time when all we have is time, but I’ve been prioritizing experiencing each place we’ve traveled to rather than sit in our hotel room and write. I learned that lesson the hard way last time we traveled long term.

So in an effort to keep up, I’ll be writing much more concise travel guides, quick bullet-pointed lists of all we experienced in each place. If you want more info on a certain activity or restaurant or hotel, then just shoot me a message and I can write in more detail. Time is of the essence, and I don’t want you to waste a single second reading some regurgitated travel jargon.

I want you to read up on  a destination, make your call on what to see and do, and then GO OUT AND DO IT! I’ve spent hours scouring the internet reading jargon-piece after jargon-piece with words like “incredible”, “awe-inspiring”, “jaw-dropping”, and “haven.” I’ve written jargon-piece after jargon-piece with descriptions like “like a local” and “like no where I’ve ever been.”

Just treat my guides from now on like a friend you’re messaging on Facebook. Short and to-the-point recommendations, take it or leave it, then go out and experience. Our best travel finds have been ones no one ever told us about. (Just had to add one more cliche in there for ya!)

But seriously, my travel guides will be much shorter. Send me a direct message or just ask our dear old buddy Google for more details if you want on specific places. This is in an effort to save you time reading up, an effort for me to not spend anymore time in the hotel writing instead of out there doing, and also in an effort to save up my creative writing juices for my journal pieces, which is where, in my humble opinion, is where the real magic happens.

Read all my latest Travel Guides here!

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