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On the eve of my 21st Birthday, I want to look back and really appreciate all the things I’ve been blessed with over the past year. I’ve been to some incredible places, done some crazy adrenaline-pumping activities, held eye-opening conversations, been offered door-opening opportunities, all with the most amazing family and friends I could ask for.

Here’s my 20 things I’ve been the most blessed to have experienced since turning 20, August 2, 2012.

In chronological order:

20.) Helping my little brother overcome his fear of heights by parasailing in Captiva Island, FL on my 20th birthday.

19.) Meeting my grandlittle and accepting her into the most dysfunctional family ever. (Love you Em & Erica)

18.) Attending almost every Home FSU Football game, and truly understanding the true meaning of being a Seminole, win or lose.

17.) Skydiving. Enough said.

16.) Being elected to serve as Alpha Phi’s Vice President of Risk Management and traveling to Seaside, FL and Atlanta, GA to get to know the most inspiring group of women I have come to know and love.

15.) Getting free, front row tickets and after party passes to the Zac Brown Band concert in Tallahassee. (Thanks, Neil!)

14.) Visiting NYC for a week to meet with top PR agencies and saw Fedde Le Grand perform at Pacha.

13.) Spending Spring Break with my two best girl friends and my favorite guys in Key West.
IMG_1090 IMG_1071

12.) Participating in Dance Marathon at FSU.

11.) Wearing a southern belle, bubblegum pink hoop-skirt dress on a parade through campus for KA’s Old South and traveling to Nashville, TN for the formal.

10.) Making my first plane flight over the Atlantic Ocean to study abroad in Switzerland for 5 weeks.

9.) Attending the XGames in Barcelona.

8.) Couchsurfing in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Budapest,  and Prague.
IMG_2131 IMG_2027

7.) Hiking and canyoning through the Swiss Alps. 
IMG_1998 DSC_4421

6.) Sharing a meal in Vienna with a hostel-mate from Baghdad, Iraq and discussing what it was like to grow up during the Iraq War.

5.) Cliff jumping/Cave diving  in Cinque Terre, Italy and Dubrovnik, Croatia.
1003125_10152021309671258_1439115651_n IMG_3187

4.) Sitting on top of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. 

3.) Partying in Mykonos, Greece until 7 am.

2.) Spending the Fourth of July with amazing sisters in Tallahassee.

1.) Overall, meeting the most incredible, inspiring, fun-loving, grateful people all over the world.
994292_10151729021048000_934139940_n 1003711_10151729021258000_969099284_n 993078_10151729017648000_503600597_n 1011047_10152021258316258_547536785_n

I couldn’t have made it through this year without the love and support of my family and friends.  I’ve learned so much this year about myself and about the world. I can’t wait to see what the next year of being ~**LeGaL**~ will have in store for me.

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