One Day in Colombo at Ceilao Villas

As our time drew to a close in Sri Lanka, we were dreading the day we had to leave. We absolutely loved our month in this little island country. It was such a nice contrast to the way we had traveled through India – easygoing, laid back and leisurely. I can easily see how Lonely Planet ranked Sri Lanka as the top destination in 2019!

We had a late flight leaving Colombo and had an opportunity to spend the day at the beautiful Colombo Hotel by Ceilao Villas. We’ve stayed with Ceilao Villas before down on the South Coast of Sri Lanka at their Kabalana Hotel property, so we were stoked to get the chance to check out their boutique accommodation in the big smoke – Colombo that is 🙂

Colombo Hotel by Ceilao Villas is in the heart of Colombo, but you would never guess once you are inside the beautiful home. And it is just that, a home. In fact, it was built in the home where the owner’s mum grew up! The pristine, modern, fresh property holds many years of laughter and joy amongst their family, which makes it that much more special. It is a little oasis in the middle of a chaotic city, and for that we were very grateful, so we could rest up before a long day of flying ahead.


The room itself was beautifully decorated, with modern, bright blue, black & white covering the bed and walls. We loved the separate vanity & closet area which made the room seem that much bigger. The shower/bath was perfect for us to refresh before we hopped on the flight. But of course the most important aspect of a room is the bed. After sleeping in a pretty uncomfortable bed for the couple nights prior, we were ecstatic to jump into the cozy, soft bed at Colombo Hotel. And the pillows.. were a game changer. It was so good to take a quick snooze to rest up.

Colombo Hotel has a cute little reading nook area with loads of travel guides and books to borrow. They also have a gorgeous split-level pool in their courtyard, with a little waterfall connecting to the two. It’s such a nice way to cool off on a hot day (or any day really!) We also enjoyed a delicious lunch at their on-site restaurant. We both had the Rice & Curry and were blown away by the flavours and the quantity. Be sure not to miss a meal at their restaurant if you’re staying there! Very reasonably priced as well.



Finally, like all of the properties we’ve seen of Ceilao Villas so far, the staff are truly what makes all of the difference. While we were only there for a couple hours, the staff treated us like friends, and they were always around if we needed anything. It makes such a big difference to feel safe and feel like you can count on the people around you. Also doesn’t hurt to have friendly smiles around either 🙂

We were gutted we couldn’t spend a couple days at Colombo Hotel by Ceilao Villas, but we know we will back to Sri Lanka again. We’ll be sure to fit a few more days in our itinerary to fully enjoy all the hotel has to offer. We highly encourage you do so as well!

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