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I’ve been traveling since March, visiting Australia, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and soon to be Singapore and Indonesia. I’ve flown from Australia to the USA and back three times, and have been able to spend over two months at home visiting family and friends. I haven’t worked in an office or waited tables or sold my soul, so how on earth have I been affording to jet set around the world and back for so long?

Back in January 2015, I realized that I needed to find a way to make income while I was in between visas and in between countries. My visa for Australia was coming to an end, and I wanted to ensure I would still make a little bit of income until I figured out what the next step was going to be. I reached out to a few contacts and offered my digital marketing services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. By the time it was April, I already had three regular, ongoing clients. Sure, it wouldn’t pay the rent in Sydney, but it could keep me afloat for the time being.

Flashfoward to now, I wish I would’ve known what I do now after taking the Bucketlist Bombshell’s Work Online and Travel The World Course. Cassie and Shay, the original Bucketlist Bombshells and Founders of the Course, have been a source of inspiration to me for a long time now. They’ve traveled the world together, currently hanging out in Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, and they run their own online businesses. At the same time, they offer the Work Online + Travel The World Course – teaching recent grads, corporate professionals and curious wanderlusters how they too can start their own online business and explore the world.


Loved working in this environment.

When I first started freelancing, I was disorganized, informal and hectic. I didn’t know of the thousands and thousands resources out there to help me manage my time and work. I didn’t know of the correct ways to pitch for new business or write an invoice. I didn’t know how to write up my first services list on my website, and how to be as specific as possible. I could’ve saved myself DAYS of my life, had I known what I have learned from this course.

I reached out to Cassie after a mini panic attack when one of my clients had to scale my hours back, and asked for her advice. She simply said that the course would seriously be a life-changer and would be so helpful in the short and long term for my business. As someone who had been made her own mistakes over the years of freelancing, I knew Cassie was going to bare it all throughout the course and truly shape the way I run my business. I was offered a spot as a brand ambassador, and I made sure to set aside 3-4 hours each week to complete the modules.

The course is 6 weeks long in duration. There are 6 modules, each week with a very specific set of instructions. These modules are set up to work in perfect timing with each other, and we’re told more than once to make sure to not skip ahead in the course.  You’re given a very detailed workbook, planner, financial planning sheet, swipe copy, and so much more. The amount of resources the girls have packed the course with is unbelievable and so so helpful. They make sure that you will never feel left behind with questions. The modules themselves range in length. On average, the video, along with the screencasts, usually take around an hour each.


Work Online + Travel The World Course

Even though I had been freelancing for eight months by the time I joined the course, I could not believe that I had been running my business without knowing what they taught me. I immediately put into practice what they taught me, and I saw instant results. For example, I was dreading a phone conversation with a client because of a miscommunication error on my part. I didn’t know how I was going to handle it, and it just so happened that the module that same week covered formal/informal communication with clients. I had real life experience to practice what we learned no less than 2 hours after, and I was ecstatic with the results. The call went swimmingly, and both me and the client felt much more confident in the relationship.

The Bucketlist Bombshells help you forge your own path, choose what skills can be transferred online, build your first soloprenuer site, set up a profile on one of the best freelance websites, and so much more. They even go so far to help you choose what city will be the best for you to move to and even help you pack your bags. Not literally – but they give you an awesome packing list as well!

The office in Laos

The office in Laos

Lastly, it’s the sense of community and support you feel while going through the course that makes you feel at the top of your game. You’re entitled to 2 Google Hangout sessions with girls at any time during the course, if you have any questions or just want to check in. You also are invited to a VIP Private Facebook Group with other members of the course. Here you can share your accomplishments, goals and fears. You can ask questions, and get real feedback and answers.

The amount of confidence I have after taking the course has skyrocketed. I feel like I truly can go anywhere in the world, continue to work and make a living. It’s not just me either. There are many girls who have just completed the course and are already living in far-flung destinations around the world living their dream. It’s not a course you can just passively listen to and jot a few ideas down. You’re meant to put in the work to get the results, and I can promise that if you do everything they tell you to, you’ll be on the next plane to your dream destination in no time.

Ready to work on your own terms and establish location independence? Check out the course here.


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